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How free roaming in the EU has made life easier

Roaming charges for mobile phone use across the EU ended recently. This means that now calling, texting and using internet in other EU countries will not incur an extra cost, so you can ‘roam like at home’.

This change has made living short-term in another country far easier, from finding your way around to keeping in touch. Here are some of the benefits:

Travel and transport

Having Google Maps has been extremely helpful for a long time now, but before roaming charges were dropped, getting lost away from Wi-Fi meant incurring big data use costs to get back on track. This is a thing of the past now and Google Maps can help you on the go with directions, public transport times and a new ‘last available’ feature for the last bus/train home. With bus stops not always clearly marked in Devon, it can also be handy to track where you are real-time so you never miss a stop!

Keeping in touch

The obvious benefit of free EU roaming is calling home and keeping in touch with no extra charges. Another huge benefit is being able to keep in touch with new friends. If there’s a WhatsApp group going and you’re meeting-up, scrambling around shops and cafés to find some free Wi-Fi to get in touch is no longer needed!

Sharing your story

Uploading a photograph without Wi-Fi in another country was seriously expensive before the changes. That’s not an issue now, so sharing moments can be instant now, so the likes of Instagram and Snapchat no longer need to be neglected!