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Get the most out of your weekend in Exeter

The seaside location of Torbay may be instantly appealing, but for anyone living in Torbay that is thinking of visiting Exeter, what is there to see and do? With its Quayside, Cathedral and nearly 2000 years of ancient history, there is definitely enough to see and experience for a weekend-trip.

After living in the city for nearly 5 months, our Exeter Student Ambassador Jessica is now pretty experienced in everything Exeter-related and has kindly compiled a list of things to do for anyone thinking of visiting:

You now might be saying: “I am a student from Torquay and I don’t know Exeter very well. I don’t have that much money. And I don’t like wandering around a new city alone.” Fair enough. But for this good reason we made out a list with five top activities you can experience in Exeter. And the best thing is you’ll always spend under £10!

Underground Passages of Exeter

A long time ago some smart people in the mediaeval age designed pipes bringing clear drinking water from springs outside the city into the city centre. Even smarter was the idea to build passages around these pipes. If they leaked the people didn’t need to dig them out. During the 25 minute guided tour you will learn everything about the Underground Passages and their role at times of plagues, sieges and wars.

Price: £6 each   


Canoe Tour with S&P

Saddles and Paddles at the historic quayside in Exeter provide excellent hiring prices for both, boats and bicycles. Meet our community of swans and enjoy the sun at our beautiful quay. After your ride have a look at the small shops next to the quay where you can find hand crafted objects and one of the best coffee stores in town.

Price: £15 total, an hour for 3 people      


Quay Climbing Centre

To be fair not everyone likes boats and water. And we are still in England – it could rain anytime. So why not trying the Climbing Centre at the quayside? You can try over 200 routes covering all ranges of climb grades. The best thing is The Prow, an overhang climbing wall! The centre also offers bouldering areas and a Café for those who don’t like general climbing or climbing at all.

Prices: £8-10      


Exeter Cathedral

Never leave Exeter without visiting Exeter Cathedral. Parts of the building are from the 12th century. Inside you’ll find the longest unbroken Gothic vaulting in the world, carved screens and wonderful coloured glass windows. Exeter Cathedral has seen a lot of history in the past centuries. You’ll have the possibility to discover this history with one of the guided tours, audio tours or by simply asking one of the cathedral members. It’s definitely worth a visit.

Price: £7.50        



Everybody loves to bounce, right? Right! At iBounce in Exeter you can enjoy one hour bouncing, a slackline, stepping stones, a dodgeball court and a giant airbag. I tried it myself a few weeks ago and it’s surprisingly exhausting. You’ll suddenly feel quite old next to all these children with their endless energy. But it’s fun anyway and I promise you, you won’t regret a single minute.

Price: £9.95        


So get your best friend, jump in the next train to Exeter and spend an outstanding weekend in our city.