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Being part of something great - Jessica’s blog

In the middle of a six month stay in England with TTPL, Exeter Student Ambassador Jessica speaks about her experience so far...

At the beginning of my journey in Exeter I thought six months is quite a long time to stay abroad. Now half of my time here is already gone and I really don’t want to leave at the end of September.

I am from Frankfurt in Germany, studying History and Communications and working as a journalist which is the reason why I am currently working at Bigwave Media in Exeter. It’s a creative design agency and I am responsible for social media, web content and web analytics. Apparently a totally different thing to what I am doing in Germany but still very interesting and challenging. Online Journalism and social media are new and fast developing components nowadays in journalism and I really believe that all experiences I’ve made at Bigwave Media so far will help me to deal with future developments occurring in my job. Besides, all my colleagues are great people with a huge knowledge about social media, marketing, design and so on. Every single one of them is an expert in his league!

Anyway, life in Exeter is not only about hard work – not at all to be honest.

Every weekend I am exploring new parts of Exeter, Devon and South England. I’ve been to London, Plymouth, Totnes and Bath and thanks to our Wednesday meetings I’ve met a bunch of nice, interesting, kind of crazy but still lovely people. Together we’re travelling to our Thursday meetings in Torquay, visiting different festivals, wandering around Exeter and having fun at the same time. I don’t know half of them as well as I should like but I always enjoy our time together and I will miss them a lot when one by one all of them are leaving before I do.


So, what else to tell?

The people are unbelievable kind and polite (always say “Thank you” and “Please” and “You’re welcome”). I adore scones (cream first then jam). I’ve grown very fond of the quay in Exeter and the sea in Torquay (be aware of the sun, guys). I’m still missing German coffee (but I am getting more and more used to English tea – very, very slowly). And I have no idea how strangers in Devon are getting along with public transports without proper information displays in the trains and buses (I followed myself with Google maps so I knew where to get off the bus – and I am not the only one doing that).

Just enjoy your stay in Devon, enjoy the new experiences and the pleasure of meeting new people. You won’t always be a stranger and I’ll promise you’ll soon be part of a big and lovely community.


Jessica Buerger, TTPL Student Ambassador