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Amazing Opportunities in Agriculture

Recently, we've been adding some exciting options to our range of global agricultural opportunities. In addition to the likes of America, Iceland and Australia, we've added some new programmes ideal for people in the UK looking to further their experience and earn money in the process. A flyer with information on every agricultural programme we currently offer can be found by clicking here. Here is a brief overview of some of our newer agricultural programmes:


From Christmas trees to organic grain and equine, experience a beautiful country and learn new farming techniques with quality paid exchange programmes. Host farms available in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and Ontario.

Dates & duration:

3 months: Canadian harvest season - August arrival

6 months: Seeding and harvest seasons, usually from April to November

12 months: Mostly crops, beef and dairy farms. All year round


Discover Denmark on a paid work programme and acquire skills that will give you an edge in the labour market. Placements are usually pig or dairy farms, but also available are mixed dairy/crops and occasionally horticultureand fruit farms.

Dates & duration: Orientation meetings held in Copenhagen every month. 8-12 months recommended duration


Perfect for agricultural students looking to gain practical experience that will improve farming skills and immerse you in new ways of working. Full board accommodation and generous stipend in return for general farming in dairy, pigs, beef, field and large scale crops. Basic German required.

Dates and duration: Available all year, 3-12 months


A 12 month programme that promotes mutual understanding, friendship and cultural exchange among farmers of Japan and participants. Training subjects include rice, row crop, livestock, vegetable, fruit production and ornamental horticulture. Basic knowledge of Japanese and minimum 6 months practical experience essential.

Dates & duration: 1 year, April-March

More information on all our agricultural programmes can be found here: