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Agricultural programmes overview

We are pleased to be currently offering Agricultural Work Programmes in ten different countries. The benefits of living and working in another country are endless. Unforgettable experiences, learning new skills, boosting language, standing out from the crowd to future employers – the list goes on! Here’s an overview of opportunities we currently offer in agriculture …


Discover the amazing expanse of countryside that Australia has to offer on a paid working holiday.

The programme ensures that your first steps on the other side of the world aren’t too daunting and a training ranch will set you up before transferring to your chosen job. Work is varied and can be selected according to your requirements. Farm work could include:

  • Mustering sheep or cattle on motorbikes or on horseback
  • Working with horses at polo, racing, show jumping & eventing stables
  • Driving tractors, headers, graders, dozers and farm machinery
  • General farm work

Dates & duration: Available all year, stay up to 1 year (maximum 6 months in one work placement)

Price: £1060


Expand your skills with a range of amazing agricultural paid work programmes in Canada. Learn new farming techniques, get to know a family and explore an enormous and beautiful country with a quality exchange opportunity for young people seeking to expand their life experience. Hosts are available in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Ontario.

Dates & duration:

3 months - Designed to take in the Canadian harvest season - August 1st is the target arrival time

6 months - Designed to take in both seeding and harvest. Therefore, a placement is usually from April to November

12 months - Available for beef and dairy farms

Price: £895


Discover Denmark on a paid work programme and acquire skills that will enhance your CV and give you an edge in the labour market.

Placements are usually pig or dairy farms, also available are mixed dairy/crops and occasionally horticulture and fruit farms.

Dates & duration: Arrival and orientation meetings are held in Copenhagen every month (March/April preferably). Recommended placement duration is 8-12 months

Price: £885


Live on a French farm, discover the everyday life of a farming family and improve your language skills.

In exchange for accommodation and meals, participants will do farm work (an average of 25 hours a week) like fruit-picking, caring for animals, grape harvesting or selling products at market. The programme requires basic French but agricultural training/experience is not required.

Dates & duration: The programme is available from 1-3 months between March and November

Price: From £725


Our German agricultural training programmes are perfect for agricultural students looking to gain practical experience that will improve farming skills while being immersed in new ways of working.

Germany is a centre of research and technology - trainees will benefit greatly from sophisticated facilities and skilled-tutoring.

Dates and duration: Available all year, 3-12 months

Price: £595 (£80 discount for applicants in education)


Discover dramatic Icelandic landscapes, learn a new language and live amongst locals. Paid programmes range from dairy, mixed, livestock, horse or gardening farms. Some of the placements operate as both a traditional farm and agri-tourism venture, so tasks can be varied.

Dates & Duration: most popular dates are April to September. Timescale can range from 3-12 months

Price: £755


We offer two great programmes in beautiful Ireland; short term unpaid agri-internship or a long term paid agricultural internship. These programmes provide a supported, cultural and educational experience but only current or future agricultural students are eligible.

The placement could be on either a dairy or mixed farm, horse ranch, or in agri-tourism and there are also small animal, landscaping and gardening project opportunities available.

Dates & duration:

Short term internship – Up to 11 weeks

Paid internship – 12 weeks

Price: £500


Discover an amazing country and culture, with a unique opportunity to gain understanding of Japanese agriculture and communities through training.

A 12 month programme developed to promote mutual understanding, friendship and cultural exchange among farmers of Japan and participants. Training subjects include rice, row crop, livestock, vegetable, fruit production and ornamental horticulture. Participants should have a basic knowledge of the Japanese language and have at least 6 months practical experience.

Dates & duration: 1 year: April - March

Price: £1000


The Netherlands is famous for its agriculture and world-leading production techniques, processing and infrastructure. Placements are within all types of farming environments and can be undertaken from 6-12 weeks on an unpaid basis or from 13-52 weeks as a paid internship.

There are placements in the following sectors: dairy, arable, livestock farming, horticulture, mixed farm, field vegetable production, cheese making.

Dates & duration: Arrival throughout the year is possible. Most placements are available in the spring/summer. Timescale can range from 3 – 12 months

Price: £725


From the tall trees of the Pacific Northwest to the wide open plains of the Midwest, There are some brilliant agricultural and horticultural programmes in various States across America suitable for agricultural students and workers. These programmes are designed to give you a structured and personalised learning experience that will enhance your CV and give you an edge in the labour market.

There are a varied range of opportunities available, including harvesting, equine care, husbandry, horticulture, livestock and dairy farming.

Dates & Duration: J1 Visa Programme (paid) – 6-12 months

Visitor Visa Programme (unpaid homestay) – 4-8 weeks

Price: From £705